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dready all things change ...

Posted on October 25, 2015 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                            dready of 'jacko's auto' - 24x24 - limited edition print

it seems obvious now, to me anyhow, that dready s are all about memories, eh; i mean when i draw a commission it's about other people's memories, don't it, imbued, perhaps, with my own and when i draw my own stuff memory percolates through it, like a sweet spring, to the surface.

jacko's auto ... quick fix - last time i had my car exhaust fixed it was at quick fix - are about to be consigned to history, they're make way for progress …

they may not be what one would call iconic, they not the 'farm soldier' or anything, but they're symbolic, maybe, of time passing and evolution of society and t'ings.

I, and others will remember them being there, tucked behind the gas station …

time passes, things change … the universe is flux and life is opinion (marcus aurelius)

ites …

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