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Dready portrait of a man ...

Posted on October 07, 2015 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                      Double D … portrait of a man moved by music - image

A random photograph from a person I know, the way Double D was standing, the way the music was obviously taking his soul, I felt it … felt it …

I love music, it was always part of the good memories of growing up, it was a big t'ing in the houses we all gathered in in youth and I try to listen to it every day - waking, working, relaxing …

and here I sit actually finding music to be harder today than it used to be, despite its digital ubiquity - spotify not working, buffer buffer buffering; cyan't buy it on itunes 'cause you don't live in xyz; the 'my mix' on youtube not really my mix at all; I mean truly since when did I ever listen to 'her poppy crap' … and it shouldn't be eh, it should be easy.

because of a the generation I come from I guess, I also miss record stores and the pleasure of actually owning stuff with album art and liner notes and making mixes and stuff and t'ings … I miss the 'vibe' of music I think … I kinda feel like the 'experience of music' has been generally 'mediocratized' (i've made up that word 'cause in a sense I think its been an active process. )

All that aside mind you, dready likes music and my dooood in the image likes music too, you can see it, you can feel it ...


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