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dready s ... 'cause billy don't surf

Posted on May 21, 2015 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

             dready californication dreamin' - 26x14 - limited edition print on canvas

i've often matched a goat with dready in car images - it's an analogous goat, it tells a story, it indicates the caribbean-ness, the jamaican-ness of the story, it adds whimsy … it's a t'ing.

and so, the title of the art, 'cause i'd left the goat out, on purpose, 'cause billy don't surf …

but i suppose really is about the car …

a couple of reasons brought me to draw the 911, first, a guy i know in california, in san diego's been asking me to draw one; he surfs and he has a porsche ...

and, there's a porsche that stands out in my driving memory, jr and i going down 595, in a porsche he'd bought at auction for a client, fast fast … it was a magnificent fleeing.

… and then there's the 'californication' thing …


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