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Dready in New York

Posted on June 17, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

you struggle with the idea for a dready sometimes - how are you going to portray something that somebody wants in a way that works for dready art ... and this, this is just half the image, but this was the key for me, this scene took an image that was feeling ordinary and changed it.

i spent quite a bit of time in new york in the late 80's and again in the early 2000's - spent 10 weeks in just one year: queens, upper west side, lower east against the river, travelled with yardies who had grown up in new york, saw the city, did new jersey, long island and connecticut ... i'll be straight up, I prefer London, hands down, on every level.

new york does have better bagels!

but this wasn t about me, it was about what the client liked and she likes new york, she prefers new york to london ...

anyhow, i drew an awesome new york ...


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