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the continuing adventures ...

Posted on May 25, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                      A Man his dog and his boat - Original on Canvas 40x13

so, see me here continuing the commission of the tin tin inspired dready art, of the adventures of a man and his dog ...

as a yute I loved comic books, loved tin tin ... there was this series of 'commando' comics; small book like comics with world war two stories, very cool - I can remember in belize sitting in the works yard with clarkie and the men all of us reading and swapping commando comics over a lunch time, the smell of diesel and burnt oil ...

they write, or they used to write, tin tin in all sort of european languages, tin tin and astrix and obelisk, in dead and dying ones too, languages like basque and catalan and provencal and latin - they never came in patois! - so that kids in school could use them to learn. somewhere stashed away I have a bunch of them, including some in french.


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