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taking a dready home ...

Posted on May 25, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                       Over and Under - Original on Canvas 26x26

so, a couple, young and making their lives together, who live in chicago, wanted to commission a piece of dready art about cayman and the times they've spent here.

it is their 2nd piece of dready art.

and here it is ... simple and cool ... over and under.

i like living in cayman.

even if we don't consider the time I spent here as a yute - i have now been here twice as long as anywhere else i have lived (and there been a few) - Belize don't count 'cause I visited my father there every year for 22 years but is not the same as living in a place, zeeeen; jamaica don't count 'cause I was gone by 13 (gone to boarding school at 9), even though my mummy was still there.

and people that come here tend to like it too: is a comfortable, progressive, easy place, all the beauty in the world looking out to sea; modern, friendly, inclusive - hell of a lifestyle - all that and still a little piece of the caribbean; which is good for an island bwoy.

is my home.


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