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one t'ing leads to another ...

Posted on May 13, 2014 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

I was working on 2 dready images this week, both to do with london and for one of them i drew the above character as kinda background noise ...

and i liked him. and then i started to envisage him in a dready all of his own and how that might look ...

an estimated 4% of londoners are of Jamaican heritage; children of a diaspora that started in the late 50's and eventually saw the country bled of its middle classes; black, white, chinese, indian ...

but there are also trinis and bajans and antiguans and grenadians ... people of mixed caribbean heritage make up the fastest growing portion of the population of uk.

so, here yu have him, all suited up, bowler hatted, but without he shoes ... looking, for all intents and purposes, like an englishman but his bare feet and his goat tell you he's not.

And in the end it evolved to loose the london visuals and just be a man and a goat without the background distractions to influence your perceptions.

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