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the continuing saga of dready art s Trustafarians ...

Posted on September 28, 2013 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                              Sun Bums - Limited Edition Print 44x14

the trustafarians be movin' ...

the continuing saga of their lives in cool vehicles ... not sure why i chose modes of transportation as the 'vehicle' for these characters in dready art - it started with the vespa and then the smart car ... it all just seemed to convey a whimsical message about who the characters were and are ... and as i've repeatedly said i like them; i like who they are in my head.

but then the vespa didn't start out as a vespa, it started out life in a piece of dready art as a honda 50 and evolved into a vespa ... there was this guy, neathersole was his name, and he lived round by barbican and thought of himself as mr. lova lova long before shaggy had thought of it ... he had air jamaica 'lovebird' stickers all over his bike. When I was leaving and going away to school, neathersole said to to me; 'anytime you come back and you want to find me, jus' come a dis corner and call mi name; people will know me.'

but then that story is not related to this one ... and this one is called 'sun bums'

surf's up

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