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a dready mews ...

Posted on September 01, 2013 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                           Reese Mews London - Original on Canvas 46x14

sometimes, when i'm lucky, and i'm in london, i get to stay in a lovely mews house that belongs to a friend of mine.

mews' were originally the stables and service quarters of larger houses (in london) but in the modern context of them the cool thing is that they're usually interesting, in look and character and vibe - they ain't usually your typical flat ...

they tend to have loft-like features, odd doors, stable-like arches and anterooms, they tend to be in cobbled allees off the high street, facing each other across a narrow driveway ... they have a tendency to be just cool in comparison to the ordered sameness of the high streets they are behind.

anyhow, to do this dready i had to take a series of photographs of the mews and as i began to do the art and to think about, and look at the various views of the mews i had shot, it came to me that although i was drawing the mews face on, the fact that when i stood in front of the door of #3 and looked down the mews, it became less distinct the farther away i looked ...
except for #8 which was facing me at the other end ...

so one, the image mimics the way i put the photos together to work from and two, as you move along the art, to the left, less and less detail is drawn until you get to the far left, which although seemingly contiguous is, from my perspective actually facing me at the end of the mews.

that's my story and i'm sticking to it ...

dready likes london and i do too.

eh what!

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