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dready f-type Jaguar with ostrich ...

Posted on June 03, 2013 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

i'd sworn i wasn't going to go anywhere near my computer last saturday and then i found myself doing this ... dready f-type jaguar ... with ostrich!

when i was a yute in jamaica my grandfather drove jaguars and i lived with my grandfather ... he loved jaguars.

i have vague memories of the jaguar before but i remember the 1968 xj6; it was an ugly green and had an automatic transmission with a small stylish lever and an engine that you couldn't see for the wires.

i broke that car twice ... once i broke the automatic transmission by fiddling and once i broke the car by rolling it backward out of the garage and over a low wall.

my father drove an e-type around the same time but i don't remember it ... i remember him driving a buick skylark convertible with red interior and us, in the back seat, headed out the palisadoes strip with the wind in our faces.

so, i have an affinity for jaguars; they're part of the joy of my childhood: grandpa and i took many journeys together in the jaguars; on his rounds as chairman of the board, out to the farm on wednesdays and saturdays, trips to country and up to the blue mountains ...

anyhow, if you don't get why the ostrich is there is because i imagined the car driving down european  roads ... and the sign says austria, in austrian, ostereich ... ostrich!


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