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the house without the model ... dready.

Posted on May 24, 2013 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

i'm working on a series of Dready art that I want to think of as jamaican juxtapositions ...

i'm just getting into them now and i'm not sure what form they'll fully take, but ya know i like the idea and i like the thought of the fun with colors that i can have.

these are just two examples; the first is based on the 'naomi campbell cottage' at goldeneye - a liccle man in a liccle boat (named hustlin') in contrast with the pretty, rich man's cottage on the sea and another man who probably hustles on a completely different level ...

another is a juxtaposition between a 'big' house with all its architectural symmetry and style and a country man's off kilter home with its colour and verve.

jamaica is very much a land of these evident polar opposites; ramshackle houses on the road to great estates ...

don't get me wrong this is not a treatise on happiness or inequality or anything remotely political ... cause my liccle ben' up country home may hold a happier life than the big house ever did ...

i lived in enough places amongst enough people to know that a perception of poverty is not a reality of poverty that the man living in a clean dirt floored thatch house in the wilds of belize ain't necessarily any poorer than the dood in the penthouse in at the bottom of yonge street.

livin' and lovin'!
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