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dready - a modern grace kelly

Posted on August 06, 2020 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

dready art 'the modern grace kelly' - 12x12 - image

i was doing some research for a 50's/60's beach vibe for two projects, one to do with Jamaica and one to do with Cayman, when I came across some photos by howell conant, shot in Jamaica, at Round Hill, of grace kelly ...

they were very cool, but I really only used them as part of a mood board at the time ... 

but I came across them again a few weeks ago - it's a really nice shoot, lots of feels in the photos - and noticing that the high waisted swimsuit and high wasted shorts fashions she was wearing were kinda fashionable again (as they had been in the 70's) - same idea but different, less loose, more body fitting ... they fit into and actually made an idea I was looking for.

so with that evolution in hand I drifted into the thought of what might a modern day version look like visiting Jamaica today, taking the idea of the vibes of the moments and modernising them ... 

the modern grace kelly, like the mika song, can be anything she fucking wants.

strength ...

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