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dready ... all the things ... and a dog.

Posted on March 09, 2017 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                   dready art - 'a dog's life' - original commission - 36x36 on canvas

the right dog and the right colour that's was the basic nitty gritty of this dready ... i'd like to say I chose the dog, I didn't, the dog was given to me as an idea and I just had to find the right way to present it (and the man talking to it.) the whole idea was made more fun, 'cause the art was a surprise and so we couldn't just ask for photos of the dog ...

dogs lurk around all over the place in dreadys - I grew up with dogs, eh; rex, napoleon, buster, josephine - like all the animals in the art they add a certain little life, an aside to the story you're telling: the goats talk about heritage, chickens about an atmosphere in which history creeps through into modernity, the dogs really about family and love and warmth ...

and i put our two stools in there - one that had been my family's, old old and well travelled through generations and countries, and the other recently bought for our home - cause i needed something for them to sit on and I couldn't find anything suitable.

all these things, the right dog, the right gesture, the right colours ... you spend a lot of thought time on these things. but it's cool cause I love the end result.

is the journey, zeeen ...

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