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dready art - a family that plays together

Posted on January 02, 2020 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                         dready 'team brooks steps up' - 40x15 - original on canvas

when I met the family they wanted me to know that they were a team, that they looked after each other ... and it showed ...

family is a work-pleasure scenario - and that's especially evident at this time of year - being a family does takes work, it's not easy like being friends ... although friendships can be deep and heartwarming and even supportive in the end (in most peoples lives) family supports, finances, nurtures, comforts, defends and often does it (in both directions from parents to kids and kids to parents) without asking for anything but love in return ...

if you don't call your mum for a month she'll still be your mum; if you don't call your close close friends for a month that relationship, as a true friendship, is essentially over.

there s a warm and fuzzy part of my close family that refers to itself as the 'mafia' and as fambly ... they are supportive and caring of each other and the interaction seems to go two ways; love and care flows in both directions - and that's cool. It's not nice when one sees the care flowing from parents to kids with the kids taking it all in with little given in return, absorbing the self and none of the sacrifice that it takes to be a family.

This family wanted to express a particularly bonding moment in their lives and I liked it ...

fambly ...

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