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dready art s going for goal #2

Posted on April 06, 2018 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                               dready 'going for goal #2' - 17x26 - limited edition HD archival pigment print

the very kind chisholm gallery of wellington, palm beach, looks after dready, and hangs it on walls, and sells it, and in general treats it with love and care ...

wellington is polo town usa and chisholm specialises in polo and sporting art and so while i was on a  tangent of horses and other things, and so i did an evolution of 'polo girl #3' to create 'going for goal #2', in the same way that we have a 'dressage bwoy' and a 'dressage girl' ... got to keep putting out new stuff ...

the other thing i was doing, while drawing, was watching the gold cup final polo match, from palm beach, on tv, flex jet vs valiente ... and so the inspiration, eh ... was a good match, 26 goal polo is very very cool and fast.

deh pon a flex ...

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