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dready art ... teamwork

Posted on February 04, 2019 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                             dready art 'teamwork' - 30x30 - original commission as part of a triptych

i had originally drawn something else to go in this space but had to change it for the education theme, which was lucky because the other one was sooooo cool they decided to buy it as well ... but that one's theme bled through into this ...

one of the things about dreadys, something subtle that people never really realise, is that the characters are always looking out at you, surprised almost that you are there looking back in ... in this case the cat is looking out at you ... and the chicken is creeping through from the other piece of the triptych, the reading to my cat.

there are other things going on that matter only in the confines of my head ...

team ...

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