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dready aston martin for marek

Posted on January 29, 2018 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                          dready aston martin db5 with marek reichman as james bond - 28x17
                          original remarque on canvas

marek reichman is the evp of design at aston martin

bond and jamaica go way back and so does my family, in the vaguest sense - my great uncle reggie, a law agent in highgate, found and dealt with the sale of the land for goldeneye and the building of the house on behalf of ian fleming - and so as part of a solo show in jamaica I had drawn the 'dready' bond version of this ... the theme for the show, in my head, had been this cross over of art and advertising and so had done a series of 'movie poster' size dreadys.

dready has this vibe of a mash-up between poster and pop art anyhow if they had a baby who was a west indian comedian ...

... and at the same time I was doing this I had drawn the bond version to insert into another piece of art for a bond fan.

in the end than, marek is a remarque of 2 other ideas ... same vibe but different vibe, different sky ... i like the night sky ...

coolness ...

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