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dready ... in the french style

Posted on October 24, 2016 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

       dready 'in the french style' - image

as i was looking at images of street fashion styles for some stuff that was going through my brain there was a lot of french-african or african-french street style pervading the images i was looking at ...

as a caribbean yute there's a lot of this sort of style and fashion floating around the more cosmopolitan caribbeaness; whether that takes place in yard on a friday night, or in toronto, or london, or miami, where west indians have come to congregate ...

it's in the general look and feel of the people i'm seeing ... and in the vibe of the things i want to express ...

so i found myself exploring the idea and developing a character based on that idea.

there was a moment when doood cudda had a hat, but then i liked his hair too much for that.

vibes ...

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