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dready ... light and colour and vibe

Posted on October 28, 2018 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

I kinda just put that pic there, because it is where I was yesterday and because it, like dreadyness is about colour and vibe and little shadows and light that turn that something flat into real-ish-ness.

there have been a lot of photo posts by me lately and not many art posts I notice, and yet am drawing more than ever before ... and it's mostly because I finished a bunch and am working on several big ones but can't share them with you yet, not till the client uses them.

i'm in the fortunate position that right now am always drawing ...

the picture is also there to remind me that sometimes, especially when you want to be constantly 'creative' that you need time to refresh the brain, to change it's direction of thought, to see new images, to take new photos ...

stopping to smell the rhododendroms ... a hear the babble of the burn!

peace ...

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