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dready on history

Posted on June 28, 2018 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

         dready art 'the end of the known world' - 32x22 - original commission palimpsest over kidd

the 3rd and probably final in a series of stories of a man's history in the caribbean and with Caribbean colonial architecture ...

we used prints of 19th century lithographs of Jamaica by JB Kidd and James Hakewell and I drew over them and added elements of his life to them.

the first was his discovery of the joys of the west indies, the second was about his becoming part of the caribbean, setting up business and this the third is about growing a family in this 'new to him' world.

growing up these lithographs were everywhere on walls in houses across Jamaica, and their like in many houses around the caribbean, that I visited through the years, by other named artists and botanists who specialised in this or that colonial surveyance ...

it's an art that I like, a lot, and the simplicity and touches of colour of ... for example, the french artists depicting soldiers and scenes, in north africa, of the late 1800's, seems to find a kinship in dreadyness from time to time ... with their often simple depictions, they are essentially note taking and not concerned as much with setting as with cataloguing and so there is colour, verve , mood and simplicity of setting. ...

story ...

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