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dready pompey playah

Posted on July 09, 2018 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                    dready 'football playah' - 18x13 - limited edition HD archival pigment print

the world cup is on and i dunno who to root for but the excitement's palpable ... years ago I did some art for portsmouth football club and quay radio in portsmouth, uk that was all about football; sadly PFC went broke in the midst of it, but we did a really fun childrens christmas party and I flew to UK to take part and sign shirts and hang with portsmouth kids.

and we managed to print 250 dready PFC coffee cups too ... they must be the rarest dready commodity in the world; I don't even have one.

anyhow some cool drawings came out of it and I just resurrected this one to life again ...

I played football growing up all the time, and in my summers when away at school; rugby in september, football in june ... even now, sometimes when rugby isn't on i go and play football - i played left half, not a sexy player, probably not even a very good player, workman like ...

baller ...
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