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dready rooster lays an egg

Posted on February 04, 2019 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                dready 'the rooster lays an egg' - original commission - 30x30 part of a triptych

like the cricket below i knew that football would have to feature in the sports series because, even now on the day after superbowl sunday, in this world real football is the king of sports.

i'm a rugby player; i play football only rarely, when I get the opportunity and enjoy it ... left half was always my position, because I am a workman player, no style, no speed, no sexiness, all shoulders and I kick with both feet ...

have promised myself that when I have to give up rugby I will play football instead in my old age!

one of the themes that the art was supposed to have was the constant display of chickens, they're not in every image but in every group of images ... because one of the things that the client is sponsoring is an organic chicken farm.

baller ...

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