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dready s a rugby player

Posted on July 06, 2018 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                        dready art 'westin seven's' player - 12x12 limited edition HD archival pigment print

I play rugby ... it's a thing that I do and really like; played my first game as a boy of 9, in a cow pasture, while away at a boarding school, and fell in love.

the longest running heineken sponsored event in the world (I am told) is the 7's here in the Cayman Islands, and fortunately they still let me play.

the first time I played 7's - which I think may be the best iteration of the game - it was for 'the mild mannered janitors', a barbarian team made up of visitors from UK and me, and put together by a guy named Guy.

nowadays i play for a team made up of the westin family and some friends ... and I draw a dude to go on the shirts!

run dready run

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