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dready s belize days

Posted on September 08, 2016 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

       dready art's 'a mennonite at pasadita's fast food' - image

so, i grew up in and out of belize, my father was there for 30 years before moving to flores guatemala ...

and so ya know, i like it ... and i have brilliant lovely awesome memories of being there.

then the other day imma passing through instagram and i see a photo by someone of a little place (I ain't never been) called pasadita's fast food - the food's anything but 'fast'; it's quick, it's ready but is great stuff like garnachas ... i love garnachas!

the t'ing, the food t'ing that i crave most from belizean memory though is bbq chicken and fresh tortilla; first best was a little place by the bridge in cayo, on the santa elena side, and i'd stop there eat some bbq on my way home back to the ranch in the darkness of night.

next best was in the square at orange walk ... maybe i dreaming that one, 'cause i'd not had belize bbq in a long while that evening i found myself in orange walk ...

so anyhow, short story long ... i saw this photo and i imagined a little mennonite sneaking in to grab some fast food ... and i wanted it to be a traditional dready scene ...

and so ...

bless up brali ...

and you better belize it.

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