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dready s divine sofa ...

Posted on December 27, 2016 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)
                          dready art, the divine sofa - original commission on canvas - 28x10"

the disclaimer is that this is not the final image but almost ...

it's also a complete and total fabrication that came outta my head - there is no sofa in the lives of this family, that looks like this ...

but I saw it as an idea along with the turtle art on the wall.

I'm kinda repeating myself as I say this, but the imagining of what the dready will look like, to catch the essence of the 'idea' and to create a scene around it that will have whimsy and colour and verve, is the key; sometimes this takes me ages, sometimes I have it right away ... and I dunno if that's all worth repeating but ...

anyhow, this sofa is divine and once I'd thought it, seen it, drawn it everything else fell into place!

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