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Posted on March 19, 2018 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                      gyal abroad - internet avatar image - remarque

a big yute, that I know, lives in toronto ... another island bwoy gone away to cold freezing up his skin.

he wrote one day from the great white north and asked me if I'd draw an avatar for his wife, who was doing a blog called 'gyal abroad' ... how could I resist the idea of sending them some warmth and colour back into life and so voila ...

toronto is full of jamaicans, eh, lots of 'aunties' and 'uncles' headed that way to survive during the great exodus from yard in the 70's ... was just looking at some pics that someone posted of parties in the 80's and the familiar faces ...

I used to pass through in a rush on my way to school on the other side of the canadian wilderness in BC - trying hard to avoid stopping; but nowadays my daughter goes to school in ontario and so find myself spending more time in and out of toronto than i ever have before.

downtown toronto is a very cool city; vibrant, interesting, eclectic - but truth is that the vibrance dissipates very very quickly the minute you hit that 401(along with one's patience) - and so i enjoy the visits now, the walks, the food, the city ... but i'd still rather be visiting her in BC, 'cause that's a damn pretty place as well as being vibrant and interesting and eclectic ...

gyal gone broad ...

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