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dready - something different

Posted on August 07, 2020 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

       dready-bird 'coconut mask' - hand carved, cedar, paint and clear coat - life size

when John asked me if I would dreadyfy a coconut he had carved I said yes - the deal was he would carve two and I would paint on one and the other would be for me.

they were lovely, the wood grain was gorgeous.

I think that John had in mind that I would draw a dready scene on the coconut, but as I looked at the raw thing it looked like a face, especially in profile; eye, mouth, protruding tongue, long rounded nose ... it really reminded me of mayan drawings of themselves.

and john and I had both gone to school in british columbia, canada, different schools but both on vancouver island ... and i started to get this idea in my head of a mash-up between mayan (because I had spent many years growing up on my holidays in belize.) and haida imagery, a tribal mask kinda vibe, throw in some jamaican iconography ...

and I didn't want to paint over all the wood, it was too beautiful ...

the mouth is very haida, the eyes a bit of a mashup between the two, the nostrils as well ... tribal masks so often have the tongue sticking out ... the hair line very mayan ... the red yellow and green, rasta colours used at the tips of the coconut leaves, but all reminiscent of a headdress ...

and in the end the profile very like the images of the mayan deer god Tohil ...

i had a lot of fun doing this, something completely different for me, challenging - and the final 'art' light and fun and playful

stretch yourself ...

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