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dready stingray girl

Posted on May 30, 2018 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                        dready 'stingray girl' - 24x24 - limited edition HD archival pigment print

so there are a few ways to buy a dready ...

1. You can buy a print ... no really, you can, please do ... buy ... a ... print! a pretty reasonable priced way to own a dready and as there are only 99 in each series and I sell all over the world they end up being fairly un-common

2. you can ask me to make adjustments to a print series to make it special and special to you ... the changes to this allowed are fairly limited, I can add a thing, change a hair colour, adjust something to reflect you ... and so the price point is a minor increase.

3. you can get a spec original ... these dreadys are very difficult to find, 'cause I have sooooooo many commissions, projects and new print series to draw there are maybe 1 or 2 of these a year floating around and they don't float for long ... since they don't require any time for consultation and they come outta my head they're a little cheaper to buy than a commission.

4. . you can buy an original commission, I do plenty of these every year, they're cool, very cool ... these are pretty expensive and have long waiting lists now, but then they are pretty unique.

5. some people come to me with ideas or hopes and I see a print series in them ... the above is an example of that ... and so I can offer them a print price if they agree to let me make theirs one of 99 ...
it's cool, you get the kudos of being the inspiration for a thing and pay very little money.


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