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dready ... tap water

Posted on February 04, 2019 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                      dready 'tap water' - 30x30 - original commission part of a triptych

on my grandparents farm, my mother's parents, there was no fresh water; there was water, from a catchment cistern on a nearby hillside, for bathing and washing - in dry times sometimes not even that - but none for drinking and cooking ... we went down to the nearest village, about 3 miles away, with milk churns in the back of the land rover to collect the drinking water from a standpipe.

the churns sat on the cool limestone of the breezeway between the pantry and the outside kitchens ... it is a strong memory for me.

on my father's farm we pumped water from a deep well to a tank above the house over a distance of about quarter mile and up a height climbed of probably 200 feet ...

but we were lucky we had a car to haul the water or a pump to drive it ...

still today people carry their drinking water from just such communal standpipes to their homes, for cooking, drinking and bathing ... sometimes they carry it long distances ...

a rich man was heard to say 'water is not a right' ... that is because he never had to carry a 5 gallon bucket full of it over a mile, as a small boy, so that his family could drink ...

clean water may not be a right but it is a need, we can't survive without it, and to treat it like a commodity not available to all is probably one of the most sinful things we can do to the humans of our greater tribe.

drink the love

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