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dready - the beach walk

Posted on August 31, 2019 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                             dready art 'the beach walk' - image

we used to walk the dogs down the beach every day but the truth is that as romantic as it sounds, a beach walk with the dog is a pain. 'cause when you come home you've got to wash the beast and the beast don't like to be washed ...

when dogs dry from a sea bath, if you haven't washed them, they smell like rotten eggs ...

and the sand, the sand if you don't wash it off gets everywhere ...

and so now that we live across from the beach, we walk the shaded lane and just look at it through gaps in the houses and foliage; we show the dog the sand and the sea, we get the romance of the cottage lane and the sea view and walk on satisfied that when we get home the dog is walked and we don't have to wash it!

i've done this before but I like the idea that the characters are leaving the cell of the art and actually coming out toward you.

truth ...

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