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dready - the grass is green

Posted on June 24, 2019 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                     my feet (italy 2019)                        

all i can say to you is italian grass isn't any greener than grass 'a yard' but it's nice to walk on someone else's grass, to feel it under your feet cool and spongey, to see the garden, to smell it ... this garden had water running through it from all directions, it was lush and fertile, it was old and well grown-in, it had 'nooks'; you climbed a big hill behind the house and beyond the hill down again to a little valley where a brook babbled and fed water back to the the manicured world on the other side of the hill ... and the grass was green green.

new age t'ings have plenty reference to grounding and the connection between the body and the earth, I don't know 'bout that but i was born in bare feet and spent a good many years in that state and i still like to be shoeless, some times i find it hard to leave the house in shoes ... i remember the story of a cayman bwoy, a story his parents told me, going away to school from home, young still, but there was no big kids school yet built and so he was just 9, and it was the first time he had to wear shoes, and how he found it strange ...

but, it's the green i'm interested in most of all ...

grounds ...

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