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dready wedded bliss

Posted on December 27, 2017 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)
                               dready s 'the big fuck-off tree' - 20x11 - original commission on paper

they got married in scotland in a castle against loch ness and on the drive into the grounds was this beautiful tree, they and the tree are not in the picture together really, but I liked the photos of the tree and turns out the bride liked the tree as well ...

I even like the drawing of the tree ...

in the landscape with the tree, right behind where I have placed the couple, is a hole in the foliage that leads to a jetty and the lake ... but, sadly, the best place for them in the picture blocks it, but I wanted you to know that it was there.

I've been to scotland several times, but never to loch ness - the first time I went to scotland I was about 10 and went with a boy from boarding school, on an 'exeat', to where his father lived in edinburgh; he was an officer in the queens scottish guard, stationed at holyrood palace/house ... he didn't live in it, but in a house below it, a nice house in my memory although I have no specific images of it, except the view, through the front window, across a park at arthur's seat ... i feel we spent a nice time, cold and grey though, and we climbed arthur's seat,

and i remember the black stone ... it was very different from the little of england I knew and very different from jamaica ... I wasn't in england very long and never went back there for 20 something years, no reason to go ... and I never went back to scotland till 37 years later and now I've been 12 times.

it's nice, i like scotland it has a nordic vibe and a wildly beautiful landscape ...

och aye to rass ...

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