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Posted on March 04, 2019 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                         dready 'the yellow scarf' - 30x20" - original commission on paper

i seem to have drawn an inordinate # of jaguars - ftype, etype, and now a c-type or as it's formally know the XK-120-C

the car is famous for winning the 24 hours at Le Mans in 1952 and 3, I think ... anyhow, it was and is (if you can afford the price tag) a beautiful car ... but it doesn't have a roof!

a wife from oxford, england, asked me to draw this for her husband ... and immediately, in minds eye, I saw the long scarf trailing behind ...

there's the bizarre story of the dancer, isadora duncan, who in 1927, got her long scarf, trailing behind her, caught in the rear wheel of her car and it strangled her ...

anyhow, the scene is made up completely but the # is the # of their house, although they don't have such gate posts!

drive on ...

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