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dready with love

Posted on September 10, 2019 by AUTHOR (edit in theme settings)

                 dready art as part of lot #18 of the JLBAr ranch package.

I'd sent art to a friend who had just moved to texas to work on the JLBar ranch and the art happened to arrive just when he was meeting about being involved in the sonoma county vintners auction to benefit children who were in need after the sonoma county fires they asked if dready would join in this package ...

people think of charity auctions as profile but in truth they're not really, people are focused on other things, they're not focused on the items; they bid for fun, they bid because they're interested in the cause ...

and charitable giving? there's little love in it ...

and so you don't do these things for kudos or visibility you do them for other reasons; for love mostly, or a sense of some duty to things - dready gives because of personal connection to projects that are worthwhile ... it's not random, it's focused on people we care about doing things we care about: close to home.

dready donates from prints sold to: White River Fish Sanctuary, Force Blue (marine and veterans charity), st baldricks childrens cancer,  hanover (childrens eductaional) charities, and others ...


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