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i used to live in the bush and when i was there i, we, used to hunt; but that was a long time ago in another place, and without a need/want to hunt for food (this is a relative t'ing) i certainly don't hunt for sport.

bird bush, in jamaica, is a great memory for me; grandpa used to shoot - he had his own pair of custom hand made spanish guns, pretty and tooled and he kept them in a case in the chest of drawers. My first 'man' t'ing was as a tiny little yute, 5 maybe, when grandpa took me to the lodge at bird bush with him ... me one and plenty big big man, cussing and drinking and sleeping in their under pants and t shirt.

the bird boys carried me on their shoulders to the stand in the swamp 'cause I was too small to walk through the water ... what an adventure for a little bwoy.

and in another long ago in some other place that I don't live no more i used to shoot skeet and trap, weekly, with stevie and curtis and mikey and junior ...
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