Bling in French style


Dready Art ‘Bling in French Style’ – limited edition (edition of 99) HD archival pigment print – 18×24 inch –

as part of the series on ‘fashion’; as a caribbean yute there’s a lot of this sort of style and fashion floating around the more cosmopolitan caribbeaness; whether that takes place in yard on a friday night, or in toronto, or london, or miami, where west indians have come to congregate … anyhow, so while I was looking at street styles a dude I know asked me if I would draw him into some art, and so I did,

but never used it until I showed it for the first time in June 2018 as part of an art show called ‘mother/nature’ for the Live Festival

Come back from time to time or follow the blog there’s always new art rolling out of my head

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