Dready Out For Ducks


Dready Art s ‘Out For Ducks’ – Limited edition HD archival pigment print (edition of 99) – 18×24 inch.

The whole idea for out for ducks began with a photo of my young cousin at bird bush and I started to think about how I would do a whimsical hunting image. Then when i was done Pam and Max didn’t like his hat, so i drew another hat and liked it better.

i don’t hunt, i have hunted, and if you’re going to eat or sell for food what you hunt, and its sustainable, cool by me – I used to shoot, but haven’t in ages, but skeet and trap can be very exciting and i’d like to do some sporting clays. anyhow i ramble on.

Come back from time to time or follow the blog there’s always new art rolling out of my head

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