Heritage Kitchen


Heritage Kitchen – 36×13 inch – limited edition, # of 99, HD archival pigment print

we lived, for a short time, on boggy sands road; a street in west bay, along the beach, that still maintains some of ‘historic character’, especially on the inland side, with cottages and sand yards … on the sea side, not so much: but it’s narrow and cool and because it’s a no through road, it has a very nice peaceful, off the beaten track, vibe …

I was doing art for a project between cayman islands and aston martin racing and drew this as the backdrop of that art. so there are versions of this, with aston martins, with jeeps … but i chose to hang two versions, this, without the cars and another, elsewhere on the gallery, called just poinciana tree – for which i took out all the stuff and focused on the beauty of the tree itself.

Come back from time to time, or follow the blog, as there’s always new art rolling out of my head

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