Man in a Canoe


Dready Art ‘Man in a Canoe’ Limited edition archival pigment print, edition of 99 – 28×10″

we were staying in an old house in jamaica, old old old cool. i went outside at dawn to feel the fresh cool air and smell the sea; the sun rose slowly, blocked at first by the low hills to the east; light creeps in, it infiltrates rather than surprises; insinuates itself on the trees, the lawn, the dock, the sea …

soft cool air, people stirring around the house (not the guests; other than the i, they were firmly asleep) a cup of coffee … and around the point an old man rowing a moss stained canoe, his fishing net in a small pile at the opposite end …

Come back from time to time or follow the blog there’s always new art rolling out of my head

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