Range Rover – Yaahs of Scotland with Airstream


The Yaahs of Scotland – with Range Rover and Airstream – 36×13 inch – limited edition, # of 99, HD archival pigment print

There are 2 versions of this art, the first one without the airstream and this, the one I decided to hang, with an airstream.

we were hanging with max in edinburgh, scotland, and sitting at a cafe he was explaining to us the categories of people we saw, based on their style of clothing, and the words they used … there were goths and chavs and yaahs … and at the same time I was drawing a land rover for something else and decided to draw a version with ‘the yaahs of scotland’ … and then the airstream came along and i thought they went boss and cool together in the vibe

Come back from time to time, or follow the blog, as there’s always new art rolling out of my head

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