Dready Cayman Panorama – Things That Exist Only In My Fading Memory


Dready ‘Cayman Panorama – Things that Exist Only in my Fading Memory’ – Very Limited Edition print # of 15 – 6’9″x13″

there are various versions of this panorama, all smaller – this was a piece about buildings that exist and existed and have a place in my memories of cayman, both as a bwoy and as a grown man. this particular version made up a solo show at the National Gallery in which I blew up each building onto a 4’x7′ panel and wrapped an entire room in the art and colour, 119 foot around, floor to ceiling.

there are only 3 of these left available in the edition of 15

Come back from time to time or follow the blog there’s always new art rolling out of my head

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